Slot games are a fantastic way to unwind and de-stress whatever time of the day, whatever your age and whatever your budget.Thanks to the versatility of slot games, they have become more and more popular with the rise of digital and digital gaming as time has moved on. And, because of this, the standard of gameplay has had to move on too - meaning there are more slot features available now than ever before. But what are the best slot features available? It can be hard to narrow that down into one article listing, but we can try. Playing games has always been a huge part of society, and with more rewards systems introduced whilst you game that only makes us want to play them more. But, when we are playing, there are a few rules to remember - not hard and fast rules - but rules none the less. That is another reason as to why it is important to play games that have got only the best slot features available to you. 

The more slot features available, the greater your chances of winning and it is even likely that you will have more fun with the slot game too. The gaming industry have come a long way since the first games were created, and as such software has improved and providers have found a way to make online casino gambling more fun. Developers have also been able to get more creative as time has gone on, and as such have released games with multiple reels, pay lines, extra features including bonus games and amazing graphics - sometimes even 3D. Join Star Slots and receive up to 500 Starburst free spins!

Bonus slots games rounds

When you are playing a slot game, there is always that one symbol which will automatically activate a bonus game round. The bonus games that most slots have on offer has to be one of the best slot features available, giving you more chances than ever before by playing a bonus round. To get them, you will normally need to get a certain number of exact symbols on the reels and sometimes these can be very graphic, other times they can be in a far more basic style. And then there is the way we go about getting to those bonus game rounds. Some of the time, in order to get a bonus game you will need to use a strategy or a particular skill - however most of the time and especially with online slot games this is not the case and you will be awarded bonus rounds randomly. 

These bonus games are often the added extra element of slot games which can really make them feel a lot more like other games you would play on another kind of console as there is more of a storyline to it along with better graphics usually.

Wilds and expanding slots wilds

A wild is one of the best symbols you can get to grips with and it can also give you the best slot games feature that is available.As slot gaming moves further into the dimension of other kinds of video games, playing them has become a lot more about the extra features you can get with the graphics and themes rather than the usual game itself. One of these extra features available is the expanding wilds. Not only does a wild transform to turn into the same symbol to make a match up along the reels, but it can stretch out if it is an expanding wild and make that go wild too. 

Free casino slots spins bonus rounds

You have probably already guessed, but with a free spins bonus round you can get multiple free spins for the chance to get more winnings. These bonus rounds are usually triggered in a myriad of ways, and so there is not one formula which you can use across the board to get a hold of them. That being said, one of the most common ways to get the free spins rounds triggered is to line up a certain symbol on one of the reels. Once that is done, how do the free spins bonus rounds work then? You are awarded an amount of spins which is dependant on what game you are playing as all of the amounts vary. Then, when you get those bonus spins, any winnings are stacked up as the reels spin, and the free spins bonus rounds are one of the most common and best online slot features available out there. 


Another slot feature that most online slot games have in common with each other is giving you the chance to gamble. The gamble feature is a throwback to the times of the traditional fruit machines, and gamble was the only bonus game available, making it an obvious popular choice.With the gamble option, if you choose to take it and you win this can double your winnings. However, if you do not win, you will lose out on all of it.To get the gamble feature, normally you have to play some sort of game, but this is completely at random and won at random too so you would not be able to strategise with it. Kind of the point of a gamble though, right?


Another contender on this list of the best slot features available is the re-trigger feature. You know how exciting it can be when you get to play with any of the bonus rounds or free spins, well a re-trigger is just the thing to make it all the more thrilling. With a re-trigger feature, you can continue to play the slot game with additional spins to try and get more winnings, or you can use the feature for any other bonus games that you can play and get re-triggered. Most online IE slot games include this in their features as it adds to its really fun gameplay, and giving players more chances to win makes it appealing for us as well. Enjoy this article? Read more about how to win at slots.